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Revised Regulatory Framework For NBFC
CBEC Order No. 200 Dated 10-11-2014
CBEC Order No. 201 Dated 10-11-2014

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Extension Of Validity Of Industrial Licences By DIPP
Steps Taken To Improve Position In Business Index
Schemes for Promotion and Modernization Of Industrial Units
Implementation of National Manufacturing Policy
Push To Manufacturing Sector
Doubling Indias Share in Global Trade
Boosting Industrial Production
Signing Of FTAs
New Foreign Trade Policy to address slowdown concerns of exporters Commerce Secretary
RBI Reference Rate for US
Govt probing gold import via Switzerland route
Govt: SIT report on black money by month end
Government Announces Swachh Bharat Kosh Operational Guidelines; To Come into Force with Immediate Effect
Routing of funds raised abroad to India
Corrigendum - Order No.15/FT&TR/2014, DATED 21-11-2014.
India and United States Joint Statement on the Trade Policy Forum
Expert Committee Constituted to Review E-Forms in order to Simplify Procedures for Stakeholders Under the Companies Act
Implementation of New Accounting Standards
Merger of Financial Technology (FTIL) and National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL)
High taxes in India make MRO firms look overseas to grow business
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The department argued that the judgement in Commissioner of Income-tax v. Radhe Developers, (2012) 341 ITR 483 (Guj.) which draws a distinction between a “development contract” and a “works contract” and which holds that the benefit of s. 80-IB(10) is allowable to an assessee even if he is not the owner…

We are of the view that there is an extraordinary delay of 1163 days in filing this appeal for which assessee has to show “sufficient cause” but the cause shown by the assessee may be considered a “sufficient cause” for the intervening period when old officers left or parted with the company and till…

As regards the claim qua disallowance of interest expenditure, the argument of sufficient capital, so that the same must be presumed as having been applied toward investments yielding tax exempt income, misses the point completely. The matter has to be decided on the basis of facts and not presumpti…

We note that in the present case, the notice for reopening has been issued beyond the period of four years from the end of the relevant A.Y 1998-99. The contours of the reopening notice u/s 148 has to satisfy two jurisdictional requirements i.e., the AO must have reason to believe that income chargeable…

Society is not engaged in any trade, commerce or business. However, the it simply providing the services to various Government Agencies both Indian & Overseas to hold seminars, to educate people in the areas of Urban Hosing Development for poor and for their upliftment. There is no element of profit…

The fact that the assessee has submitted the copy of agreement containing detailed break-up of expenditures with the revenue, is not disputed. This break-up clearly shows that assessee has incurred substantial expenses on wages, salary, generator maintenance, electricity, transportation charges and …

It is also clear from the order passed by the Commissioner under Section 263 that the issue relating to apportionment of common expenditure was specifically gone into and examined by the AO, who was fully satisfied with the apportionment made. Thus, it was not a case of “no” inquiry but specific and…

The Assessing Officer has specifically noted and recorded that UET in their affidavit dated 15th February, 1985 had stated that they had not imported the goods in question under the said invoice. In fact, they had stated that they had not imported the goods under any of the two invoices. In categorical…

A perusal of the reasons recorded demonstrate that the Assessing Officer, during the course of assessment proceedings, in the case of other employees of M/s Adobe System Pvt. Ltd. gathered information that the shares of the parent company M/s Adobe System Inc., USA are under cash less exercise option…

The issue of investment in shares having been crystallised in favour of the assessee by the order of the DIT(E) passed u/s 154 as well as by the Tribunal in ITA No. 670/Hyd/2012, the present DIT(E) cannot reopen the issue again for the purpose of cancellation of registration, more so, after the order…

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Finance (No. 2) Bill, 2014 as Passed by Lok Sabha
Notice of Amendments: Full Text
Changes made by Finance (No. 2) Bill, 2014 as passed by the Lok Sabha
Budget 2014: Analysis of Central Excise Provisions
Budget 2014: Analysis of Customs Provision
Budget 2014: Accepting / repaying loans and deposits through ECS
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Budget Article: Taxation Regime for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Infrastructure Investment Trust (INVIT)
Service Tax : Service Tax: Important Changes Introduced
Budget Article: Amendments in CENVAT Credit Rules
Valuation of fertilizers for the purpose of levy of excise duty – inclusion of subsidy component in the assessable value – Clarification – Regarding.
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